Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are considered one of the best ways to add living space – and value – to a home. After the conversion is complete the first differences you’ll notice are more space, extra ventilation and increased natural light. Our design and construction professionals have years of hands on experience converting lofts into visually appealing and useful rooms, making homes more desirable and much more comfortable.

Masterstroke Building provides comprehensive tailored solutions for loft conversion.
Exactly what can be done in a particular home depends largely upon the type of
structure underlying your roof and the planning constraints of your community.

A loft conversion pays for itself if you ever sell your house. According to a recent survey by Zoopla, a loft conversion not only helps you increase living space and rental revenue, it also improves the sale price of the property substantially.

We have our own in-house designers and some of the most skilled builders in the South, allowing us to offer our loft conversions at some of the most economic prices in the industry.

A well planned loft conversion executed by professionals can help you reduce your electricity bills. It can also help you pay off your mortgage with increased revenue if you plan to rent it out. The fact of the matter is that the higher the quality, room space, and natural light in the loft, the more you can charge your tenants.
Most loft conversions can be carried out under permitted developments and wont require   planning permission, a well-defined and accurate loft conversion plan can help you avoid any planning permission hassles.

We can guide you through the entire process from design to conception with our in house Architect and structural engineer we can submit your building regulations/planning application and deal with the relevant departments at the council.

The cost of a loft conversion varies on the type of building, and the amount of customization work required. For a better idea of what the process would cost for you, please get in touch.